DAY SIXTEEN: This or This

Central to life is the matter with choices. Each person’s life’s value will eventually be defined by the quality of choices made over time.

Most times, when choices are made, they are usually between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ things. Most sermons and admonitions are profiled in this manner – to choose between God and satan, life and death, righteousness and wickedness, etc. For those who are discipled in matters of the kingdom of God, the choices are easier: they choose the good and resist the evil. No matter how enticing the evil is, they are likely to make the choice for what is good, come what may.

As difficult as the situation might seem, it is still easier to choose between good and evil. The easiest of all is when the decision is between evil choices; they would all be discarded, period! Even if they were as many as the stars in the sky, their fate is same – in the trash! The most difficult choices in life are a bit different – they are decisions between good choices. If you have never been really confused in life, because you have much of required knowledge, making a decision between two good choices would test what you are made of.

What will you do with two good things; both coming from the LORD, and only one is to be?
How will you make that choice? What will be your criteria for choosing one over the other?

When choices like these surfaces, your heart is under trial. The very core of your heart is being tried and your choices will show where and how it is. Before God will set you into your next phase, that ‘next level’ you have been praying for, your heart will be tested in this manner. Those who will win are those who readily give their life away. If your life is still more important to you than things that are uppermost on God’s heart, your choices will reflect it; if otherwise, it will show as well.

Therefore, guard your heart jealously,
Refine it in the fire and the waters of God’s word consistently.
Then, you will choose righteously,
When the days of trial come, and there is no evil choice on the table, you will choose right
When no choice is wrong, but only one is righteous,
You will not fail your test, when and where it matters most.

Peace to you.