DAY SEVENTEEN: An Inevitable End

If you see poverty anywhere, know that its root is deeper than you can see. The lack of ‘bread’ and ‘water’ [basic sustenance], as well as the dismay of one person to another is a pointer to a generation of people that is wasting away; one that will not honor God as they should.

Anyone lacking in these basic needs of life is doing something by conviction – something that is not a part of the purpose or the promise of God for him or her. He or she is so resolute about pursuing something God is not happy with, but it seems good to the person to keep at it.

Well, God is not happy at the poverty of anyone; as a matter of truth, He wants to give out His abundance to all, if only they would hearken to Him and obey Him. It is however wise to do what God is doing.

Are you doing something fruitful?
Did the LORD command it or it is just a good idea?
The end of a rebellious person is to become wasted,
Even his or her works would disappear without a trace.

Peace to you.