DAY EIGHTEEN: A Review on Company

If you walk alone, your journey will be full of troubles that will last a lifetime, simply because you have no one to help you up when you ‘fall,’ which you must at some point in life. Even when you are rejoicing, it may not be complete without the right company of people felicitating with you. However, the company you are in is capable of determining so much more for your life than you know.

David, in Psalm 120, pleaded with the LORD to deliver him from liars and people with deceitful tongues. It is a terrible thing to find oneself in the company of liars – those who smile with you always because they cannot bear to tell you the truth; those who hang around to take advantage of you, while pretending they are doing so because they care about you . . . Unfortunately, the life of a paranoid person is hell on earth; there has to be a degree of trust in other people for anyone to live happily.

Therefore, it is wise to review your company time to time,

Weed away those whose visibility in your life has a selfish motive behind it.

If you are righteous, you need to choose your friends wisely,

You should not be found in the company of deceitful people.

Peace to you.