DAY NINETEEN: Watchers and Gatekeepers

Wake up from your slumbers, you men on the walls,
Arise from your sloth, you keepers of the gates.
The first shot has been fired,
The city has been hit from distant arrows,
Yet celebrations continue like nothing has gone wrong,
As the slaughter of precious posterity advances without restrain.

Arise to your posts, men and women of the cloth,
Rise to your stations, men and women of the wheel;
We are under attack! We are under fire!
Few years from here, nothing of present worth would be of much value.

Take a look around you; you will see a major tilt in the scales. The pursuit of equality in gender matters has created a hole that cannot be mended by new ideologies, coming out of good intentions. It seems people do not know how to limit their possibilities to God-designed boundaries; reactionary responses are continually brewing gall for oncoming generations to drink and they love it.

We raise and supposedly empower women at the detriment of the original design from creation; now they are killing it in their towers of successes while they burn in private from heartbreaks, with so many successful ladies everywhere to the glory of God, having no quality men for them to build a heritage with. They are successful and suffering; our collective posterity is also left with very limited quality men for these female folks to be happy with.

Raise the sons!
Teach them virtues and values as they grow to maturity,
Sound the alarm, you watchers, that the city may arise to responsibility,
Shut the gates, you gatekeepers, before visitors with smooth deceitful tongues breach it.
Let restoration begins from homes,
Let the light of God’s countenance beam on all communities,
That salvation may come without fail. Amen

Peace to you.