DAY TWENTY: Name, Fame and Shame

At the temptation of Jesus Christ by Satan in the wilderness, one that He was led to by the Holy Spirit before His earthly ministry begun, Satan took Him up on a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. He would give Him all its authority and glory; he had it within his reach to give them to Him. All he asked in return for all these was WORSHIP, which is the expression of reverence and adoration for Satan or great admiration and devotion towards Satan and his principles. It seemed quite reasonable, is it not?

However, from this encounter with Satan, the following were established:

  1. Satan speaks to people that belong to God too; not all what they hear is from the LORD;
  2. Authority and glory are ready baits from Satan for people with missions from and for God; sin is actually just a basic distraction for all of mankind;
  3. Sudden exaltation and results are from the devil; many have lost their place in God because of sudden success . . . if it is from the LORD, it is a process, not a sudden thing; and
  4. What Satan demands in exchange for sudden success is never something considered that bad . . . just slight edits in principles and devotion, to reflect more flexibility and inclusivity, would do.

If anyone would accomplish God’s set goals and objectives in the earth, while walking with Him, he or she must be delivered from the power of ‘name’, ‘fame’ and ‘shame;’ personal profiles, societal popularity and self dignity would have to become unappealing to such a fellow. This is simply the death of self, for the new life in Christ Jesus.

Are you born of water – dead, buried and resurrected with Christ?
Are you born of the Spirit – baptised in the Holy Ghost?
Still you will need to accept the kingdom of God like a child would,
Saved from the perils of ‘name’, ‘fame’ and ‘shame.’

In the kingdom of God, God is the King, not you!
There is no kingdom without the King.

Peace to you.