DAY TWENTY-ONE: Hierarchy in Authority

The gifts of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors are uniquely for the edification [building up] of the saints in the church. In recent times, it has become more of hierarchy in the body of Christ; it would seem like Apostles, for instance, are of more significance than Pastors or Prophets have more depth in things of God than Evangelists. Inevitably so, these hierarchies has created a major imbalance that is affecting the effectiveness of the carrier of these gifts in doing the work that was given to them. The Church of Christ is paying dearly for this.

Apostles may have more authority in matters of doctrine and traditions of the kingdom of God but he or she is not in anyway superior to a Pastor who faithfully shepherds the flock. The same goes for the office of Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers. Each one must do their part toward the purpose of God for His church, especially in this end times.

More authority does not translate into superiority. Remember this!

Apostles and Prophets are the foundation of revelations from the LORD, with Christ as the Cornerstone. Doctrines, as well as kingdom traditions and ordinances that were revealed to them are thus communicated and demonstrated by Evangelists to the unsaved, to bring sinners to repentance; while Teachers disciples them in the church and Pastors nurture and watch over them as they grow in their walk with the LORD. If there is any break in this chain because someone prefers the office of another to his or her own, the entire body of Christ would suffer a great loss.

Let each one know their gift and stay in their calling.
Let each one submit one to another; even an Apostle needs a Pastor.
Let the body of Christ return to the unity of saints, free of rivalry and covetousness.
Let the body of Christ be holy, orderly, powerful, prosperous and eternal as it waits earnestly for the return of the Head.

Christ is coming soon . . . and it will be sooner than we are thinking.

Peace to you.