DAY TWENTY-TWO: Paradox of Value

There is nothing made that did not begin with a ‘breaking.’ It is paradoxical that good things are preceded by the worst; life brings forth value through painful and challenging circumstances. Deepest darkness is before the light of day; the making of a beautiful cake begins with the breaking of eggs and many more ingredients. The glory [fulfilment of the word of God] that we seek may not be happening until certain devastating things have taken place; we may have to endure these challenges in hope, while waiting for the manifestation of the kingdom of God.

Plagues and persecution preceded God’s safety and salvation for the children of Israel; pain precedes the pleasure and joy of a new birth. It is God’s design, not an assault from the pit of hell. Therefore, when the opposite of what we asked for is the response we are getting to our requests, especially in the Church of Christ, what is happening is part of the ‘breaking’ that must precede the making of what we prayed for. Although it is heart-breaking to see judgment come to people, places and possessions before the promotion of the kingdom of God that we prayed for, it is inevitable if righteousness and justice must be restored.

So the question is: “How much do we want restoration?”

Salvation will not come until God’s face shines on us,
The shinning of His face brings light and reveals all things, including secrets we would like to keep in the dark . . .
We have a choice to make and it is not an easy one,
Like a mother, we would forget the pain after the delivery of our bundle of joy.

Peace to you.