DAY TWENTY-THREE: Choices that God Honor

God is omnipotent. He is all-powerful and can do all things. Yet, He chooses to honor the choice of His creation, one that He is able to kill and make alive, at will. How magnanimous . . .

One looks at the spectrum of lives and choices and one wonders why God is not imposing His will on mankind, making it impossible for man to choose otherwise. Well, a Christian Professor once told me that the power of choice is to mankind as fearlessness is to horses and stubbornness is to goats. This means that an obedient animal cannot be a goat; a timid animal cannot be a horse, a being without choice cannot be regarded as human. A man without choice is under oppression.

So, since we have the power of choices reposed in us, how well are we using it? Are we so sure we are not choosing destruction over well-being? Is it not more probable for us to choose what works against us more than we choose the ones working for us? In the making of these choices, how often are someone’s good choices creating bad situations for others? The exercise of the freedom to choose has become our greatest asset and our greatest snare.

In my journey, I have come to realize that God, having laid out His will for us, allows us to choose what we desire. He does not deny mankind the choice of what would destroy or make him or her. When the consequences of these choices come, He does not deny us its full weight too. This is a very heavy weight of responsibility. The questions are: “Can you trust yourself to make the right choices for yourself always? Do you have all the information needed to make the right call when the time comes?”

I believe it is wise to lean on the LORD for help.
No one is knowledgeable enough to make the best choices at any time; at best one may only narrow the margin of wrong judgments to the barest minimum.
Even the counsel of many people may trigger a terrible scale of confusion, worse than what was before.
Being led by the Spirit of the LORD is being a part of Him; outside of Him is perilous.

Peace to you.