DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Honor – A Spiritual Currency

In the unique journey of faith, so much is inaccessible without honor. As vital as faith is in walking with God, honor is central to how much is possible.

First, honouring God is the key to resources [strength, riches and wisdom], while honouring people is the key to privileges and heartfelt prayers and goodwill. Interestingly, it is a principle that transcends the spiritual realms; when it is activated in any dimension and area of life, it brings fruitfulness of joy and gladness.

Honor is alien to proud people. Those who feel they are better or higher than other people will definitely miss out on the blessings that honouring people could bring. Sometime ago, I was considered for admission into a very competitive slot in an institution because I honoured the Secretary to the man in charge of the decision by greeting her properly. I saw my kneeling before someone considered younger than me in the faith, in prayers, draw out a depth of spiritual blessings and pronouncements that changed my life altogether for good. Whatever or whoever is despised or dishonoured cannot confer any benefit on the person, a revered man of God once said so.

Do you honor God with all of who you are?
Is there conflict in you when honoring God – speaking honourably to Him and dishonouring Him with your actions?
What are your motives for choosing God or His word? Is it for the benefits that come from being at peace with Him or because you would rather not dishonour Him?
The day is gradually turning into the night.
Each one would sleep in the comfort from their works.
Before the dawn of righteousness, while the dark night of wickedness lingers,
Honor God with who and what you are.

Peace to you.