DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Faithfulness in Shortages

The greatest challenge of a people with a mission is the inadequacy of the resources they require to execute their task. For those who have more than enough to execute their mission, it may as well be that the mission already outlived its relevance. Why? A vision that would be timelessly relevant would require resources that are not readily available yet; some would have to be sought out, others would have to be invented from already existent resources.

How then does one function with what is not enough? How does one ensure fruitfulness from what is not adequate? Would it be appropriate to relax the standards of the kingdom of God for access to resources from other domains outside the kingdom of God?

Well, faithfulness is not defined by completed task, accomplishments or success; it is simply obeying the command of God, per time, and being who God requires, not necessarily accomplishing feats. If faithfulness were accomplishment, from human perspectives, Jesus would be regarded as unfaithful; afterall, He died a shameful death while preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God. How would a dead pioneer promote His messages? Indeed, faithfulness is obeying God, come what may, period!

Since the works of God are eternal, should a purpose in God remain unfinished in someone’s lifetime, there is already the provision of someone else to take it further and bring it to his or her appointed mark. Others will continue from there. Faithfulness is rightly executing the part of the whole that is appointed to each person.

Many times, a shortage that does not respond to prayers may be a divine ‘fail-safe measure’ to keep the missionary in check. Should resources be excessively abundant, it is natural for anyone to develop appetite for things that the LORD did not command. When God gives a vision, He makes pro-vision for it.

Do the work that God has committed to you.
Do the work, not more or less than what was commanded.
Should you lack resources for what was commanded; ask, seek and knock for answers.
When heaven is silent and nothing changes, review your pursuit and posture. Something is not adding up.

Peace to you.