It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and it is the honor of kings to search them out. God indeed has secrets. He speaks to His people; yet, not all that He says is for public consumption.

One would ask, why would God conceal matters of serious importance to mankind? Why would Christ, when He walked the face of the earth, speak in parables to the multitude that thronged to hear Him out. Evidently, these people were in dire need of a savior. Not only were they seeking a savior, they were ready and willing to do whatever he or she would ask them to do. Instead of speaking plainly to them, He went on to speak plainly only to His disciples; even for the disciples, they had to ask Him before He gave them the full gist of whatever He was saying.

This does not add up to a regular mind. He had put in so much effort to get the attention of these people, only for Him to speak to them in a manner they would not easily understand; yet, He is the wisdom of God. Well, for every matter, without any exception, the intent or the motive behind its investigation matters more than the actions on display. Why did they need the Saviour? Were they all seeking to be saved; or the savior was merely to halt their unpleasant experiences? What were they seeking to be saved from; is it from an enemy, from themselves, or from sin? Was Christ’s coming meant to meet their needs as they were?

Well, until their intentions were matched with the intervention of God, whatever Christ brought was not going to be readily acceptable and applicable to them. They sought a savior from Roman occupation; He was appointed to save them from the sins that put them in their situation in the first place. They sought relief from oppression; He came with redemption from sin and death. Surely, until what people seek is what is offered, it would not seem like there is a visible following or success to the mission. Unfortunately, often times, what the people seek is usually not what the LORD offers.

This is the dilemma of a sent one: reconciling the message with the aspirations of the ones he or she is sent to. Without mincing words, only discipled followers of Christ can handle the truth in Him; unfortunately, outsiders would only understand the language of relief to their pains.

So, signs and wonders are for outsiders to believe,
Disciples of Christ do not need them to grow fervent in following after Christ.
Still, it is imperative that those who present the LORD do so with surgical precision,
Lest they make the LORD a false hope that would fail all seekers of bread, who do not seek the Bread of Life Himself.

Saints, not sinners, are to be added to the Church.
Discipleship, in the way of the LORD, is a deliberate venture; it will not happen by regular worship routine alone.
Just when we feel there are not enough people to serve in God’s vineyard,
We would find many potential workmen for the LORD, waiting to be discipled on how to serve the LORD acceptably.

Let the bearers of the cross do so with diligence,
The work within the house is far greater than the one outside it.
Out there, a command in order will execute the judgment of God,
In the temple, justice would require uncommon wisdom and understanding.