DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: Prophetic Restoration

The LORD sends a prophet to bring restoration to His people; He neither does a thing without first revealing it to the prophets nor send a prophet without a reason.

Revelation is the forte of prophets and the execution of ‘the revealed’ is the forte of Apostles. In the body of Christ, with stratified consciousness of Apostles believing their offices to be superior to that of prophets because of obvious engagement with more people, how would they humbly accept the details of ‘the revealed’ from prophets, especially if what they are yet to have full details of God’s heart, as revealed to the prophets? Effective apostleship is dependent on total submission to the prophetic dispensation before them, in pursuance of restoration from God.

Sometimes, the game of the enemy is to see the alarm from the prophetic as a vote-of-no-confidence on the apostleship that subsists. Though it may seem so, it is actually a response of Heaven to fine-tune the existent apostleship to a better and more accurate shape; especially when certain errors have crept in unnoticed. Without doubt, understanding of these dynamics among different gifts in the church is necessary for the church to remain pure, clean, and refined.

What does the prophetic bring? Is it another mission to compete with the existent? Is it another organization to reveal the inadequacies of the forerunners, while promoting itself as the new order? Jesus came to fulfil the law, which was the apostleship before He came, and to fulfil the words of the prophets before Him, not to annul them. Therefore any prophetic thrust that seeks to begin a new order, and is not the fulfilment of God’s original plan, from previous prophetic dispensation is FALSE. This is how to identify false prophets and teachers who promotes strange doctrines. That original plan is written all over the pages of the Bible.

The purpose of God is eternal. In time, each ministry and minister manifests to implement a mission that begun long before him or her, whose end is beyond his or her lifetime as well. The exercise of what God revealed in the past, being the foundation of present apostleship, may struggle with maintaining its integrity because of societal trends and changes in culture. Therefore, maintaining this integrity, despite changing times, is the reason for the coming of the prophetic in their seasons.

Therefore, there is no need for apprehension at the sound of a prophetic trump,
The glory of the LORD is waiting to be fulfilled when we respond with contrite hearts, repents, and returns to the infallible standard of God’s word.
The disunity of saints remains the ultimate goal of the enemy,
We become conquered when we refuse to agree.