“While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Winter and summer, and
Day and night shall not cease.”

Life is in seasons. That anyone does not know or understand this will not exonerate him or her from the consequences of changes in season. It is a perpetual ordinance for the earth; it remains for as long as the earth would be. Therefore, it is foolish to expect people and things to remain the same forever; only Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

How then does one respond to ever-changing seasons?
How does one transit from one season to another without diminishing in fruitfulness?

Having dominion over all that God created rests in the power to respond to changing times with the consistency of God; only those who are truly connected to God can harness this capability. The dependability of God is the only guarantee that change will not be the end of all things beautiful; it is the force of productivity, in and out of seasons, for those in Christ.

How well are you doing since the world changed as a result of coronavirus pandemic?
How well will you be doing if you lose the patronage of people because of your stand for righteousness?
When the seasons are turning out in your favour, now that you are having more than your heart could ever desire, will you still be rooting for righteousness?
When it is time to return to your Maker, would you have maximized your seasons? Selah

No singular season lasts forever; they change as the LORD pleases.
It is wise to understand each of them as fast as you can, to prepare for them before they come.
It is your season because you are ready for it.
Prepare for war in peace; prepare for draught in abundance.

Peace to you.