DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: Corrupted and Corrected Apostleship

When Jesus was leaving, He handed over to the Apostles to continue what He begun with them. The result of that is the Church – the Church of Christ.

If we look at the Church today and cannot see the Christ of the Church, something has indeed gone wrong. All that negates the gospel that Christ preached and handed over to the twelve Apostles to lead, at His departure, are perversions of the truth that is able to truly set free.

But, how did the apostleship become corrupted? When Peter, who led the apostles that were sent to the Jews, could not extend the gospel to the Gentiles, God raised another apostle in Paul and sent him to the Gentiles. Paul was raised from among those who once persecuted the apostles to the Jews. Surely, as people interact with what was given to them, their views, opinion, culture, and exposure gradually change the original until it becomes a skewed and corrupted version of the original, not the REAL one. It is in seasons like this that God sends another prophet to correct a corrupted apostleship.

We are in one of those seasons, as everything is changing globally. Though it seems the Church of Christ is already disconnected from her Head, which is Christ, the season is here for restoration to the original. In this season, the philosophies of men will give way to the infallible word of God and the Church will return to the Bible as the final authority on all matters concerning the kingdom of God.

Since the correction must begin with apostolic leaders in the Church, the questions would be whether they would accept that they have missed the mark? Would they be humble enough to make necessary edits so that the body of Christ can be restored? Would saving the institutional ‘empires’ they already built not be more important than the furtherance of the TRUE kingdom of God on earth?

God’s command has gone forth,
Restoration of the Church of Christ already begun.
Let leaders and followers be changed to God’s way of truth to life,
As true and pure apostleship returns to the people of God.