DAY THIRTY-ONE: Redemptive Objective

At the redemption of any person, as illustrated in Scriptures, there is a geo-political migration – from darkness and the kingdom that rules it, into light and the kingdom of God respectively. This shift, as beautiful as it is, is merely a means to an end. The real objective for the redemption of mankind shines brighter than mere relocation into light.

I have asked myself so many questions, some of which is: “Is it possible to be in light and still not have a relationship with the Source of the light – GOD?” Is it possible to be confused, even in overwhelming streams of light? Are the new discoveries and possibilities in the light capable of becoming fascinating distractions that lures one away from the LORD, who dwells in the light? Unfortunately, the answers are YES!

The sole objective of redemption is to restore man to deep and cordial communion [relationship] with God. It is primarily a relationship change, not just an environmental change. No one is of value to God, himself or herself without connection to God, who dwells in the light. Therefore, more than being associated with the people of God, serving them or being served by them, it is imperative to have a sound relationship with God Himself. Without it, redemptive process is aborted and Heaven has gained nothing yet.

Relationship with God is the goal, not the change of association, location, allegiance, and worship, to mention a few.