DAY THIRTY: Readiness for the New

What God is doing is nothing like we ever knew. History has no record of such. When it is fully manifested, it will surprise everyone, even the prophets. Though the prophets have revelations on the context of what is coming; they may not know the full details of the content. Why? They are only accessible in the Spirit of the LORD. While those who seek the LORD deeper get to find Him, their understanding of what is to be is limited to what is given to them; not many people are in deep fellowship with God nowadays anyways . . .

So, it is no news that the times are uncertain, and present leaders are proffering solutions to present and future challenges with present mind-sets and skillset. This explains their dismal failures and struggles at sustaining what they already have.

But, what is the apprehension with the ‘new?’ Why are almost everyone and everywhere uneasy because of the ‘new?’ Yes, the ‘new’ is taking an unpredictable form; not much of its attributes are understood yet. Still, it is not the end of the ‘old;’ it is the fulfilment of the ‘old.’ Its methods may be different, outright radical or totally unconventional but it is the necessary future of ‘now.’ Those who detest it because it is not understood will pay a high price. Those who make light of its importance will have themselves to blame. The glory of the LORD is in the manifestation of the ‘new,’ not even His own children and servants would deny Him His pleasure of seeing His words fulfilled.

Therefore, let the managers of the present be instructed by these,
Let the visionaries of the past connect the dots and step up to their responsibility of raising the next generation right;
Go to the mountain of the LORD’s House and get help if you require it,
Each one has an appointed dispensation for their manifestation that will not be exceeded.

Welcome the new with humility,
For the arrogance of past and present influencers will fail in this new season.
Walk with God, in whom all the details are domiciled,
Lest your work with Him be wasted by fire,
The new has come in its season;
No one would be able to ignore it without consequence.

Peace to the righteous.