DAY THIRTY-THREE: Raising the Standard

As long as this world has been, the word of God is the only standard [way] that has not failed. Every other standard have risen in their glories, to eventually fall when their end comes. The word of God stands sure because it is backed by the person of God, who is infallible, unquestionable and unchanging, even as times change and He changes people and things.

Raising the standard of God is definitely not an easy thing to do . . . because it would require the backing of the One, who spoke the words. What if the words were not totally His? What if the words were good words but not from the LORD? What if the words were too bad that accepting them is very difficult to a reasonable person? Since the thoughts of God are far from human thoughts and the way of the LORD [standard] is far from the ways of people, His words are definitely not going to be easy to come by. For those who have His word, understanding it is a different kettle of fish altogether.

The standard [way] of God rests on the words of God, which also rests on the thoughts of God. Therefore, how God prefers things to be may not be of value to anyone, to whom God’s thoughts are of no value . . . anyone in whom the Spirit of the LORD is not resident.

The Holy Spirit reveals the thoughts [heart] of God; He lifts up the standard of God. Therefore, without the full operations of the Spirit of God, nothing of God will be of value or effect to any people. It is fruitless to seek impact in peoples’ lives without first submitting to the way of the Spirit of God. It has to be God’s way for His glory to rest on it.

Though the standard of God is not the common way, it is the only way that leads to eternal life. Selah