DAY THIRTY-FIVE: The Value of Process


If all that is good happens suddenly, the world will be full of chaos; even the morphing of a seed into a tree demands the exercise of time. If God gave a person all that was designed for him or her at the instance of his or her birth, he or she would die the very same day that he or she was born. Why? Either providence or pressure would kill the fellow. Indeed, time is the divine regulator of things – good or bad.

Therefore, within the exercise of time is PROCESS; planned or otherwise, it is already in motion. Those who make the best of life are those who painstakingly planned the processes of their lives to give room to efficiency in delivering on their life’s purposes and to be more effective people.

How effective are you? How efficient is your work?
Do you understand your times and seasons? Are you submitted to the processes of God’s design? Would you rather be dependent on continual interventions of God and man or be submitted to God’s design processes?
Is God’s creation and processes working in your favour?

A proper child is given the privilege of months to grow into full stature,
Every entity that is enriched by proper processes will sustainably last a lifetime.
Know and understand the times and the processes they are assigned to.
Great will be your peace when you are visited.

Peace to you.