DAY THIRTY-FOUR: High Officials in Play


Jesus mentioned in Scriptures that anytime something or someone is out of order, the problem is not from the people suffering from the lack of order; those who have the responsibility to manage people and things are the ones to look into. Simply put, chaos is not a coincidence, it is the creation of people with authority, who have used their authority to facilitate the existent chaos or their refusal to use their authority rightly has encouraged the failure in the society.

Still, the question that comes to mind is why would anyone with authority be comfortable with his or her authority being the facilitator of chaos? Are thrones not established to enshrine and exercise righteousness and justice? Should anyone be in such offices without an active participation in the processes that restore order? Well, though it may seem that appearance of responsibility is more important than actually being responsible; still, the evidence at play, does not affirm that chaos is either God’s design or His expectation from us.

Until people in authority are convicted of their wrongdoings and they respond towards changing their ways for good, the evil in the city might remain; men on the street would remain oppressed and women in the fields would not be safe. Sometimes, though it is hard to accept this, trauma and shame may be the only effective remedies to the complacency that permits institutional injustices that are on-going all around. Most people may not change towards righteousness and justice until a stronger authority demands accountability from them.

Until then, when by fierce judgment, God restores all,
Let those who love the LORD uphold His words,
Let those who love His name live righteously.
Let nothing be done to oppress the people, for whom Christ died,
That would be the signature of the antichrist.

In the house of the LORD, the place of the sole of His feet,
No one should facilitate unrighteousness and injustice because he or she wields power,
All that is God’s resists wickedness to all, saints and sinners alike,
No one would use his or her authority wrongly and be guiltless.

Peace to the righteous.