The Blessing in Pain

A couple of years back, my sister was at the hospital, ready to deliver her first baby. I got a call from my mother, who was still in service then and unable to go to her immediately that I should go there and be with her.

I entered my room and prayed earnestly that my sister would not experience any pain. I asked God to take away the pain and make it painless for her.

As soon as I calmed down and finished praying, the Spirit of the LORD whispered to me saying, “That is not possible. If what she is bringing forth would be a thing of joy, there is a degree of pain that must come with it.”

I could not believe my ears. How can God say that to me?! Then He said, “I can minimize the pain and keep it as short as possible but I will not take it away outrightly.” This was my circimcision from hedonism.

See, nothing significant has ever happened without a degree of inconvenience, none would ever be. Pain has its value in bringing forth the joy that is desired. Indeed, your present pain has joy in it’s design, it is coming to reality shortly in Jesus name.

To you, whose pain is becoming so much and unbearable, the LORD can shorten it and bring you to joy sooner than you think if you ask Him to.

Whatever your situation is,