Of Leadership and Rulership

Lately, there has been the growing desire of people to lead other people . . . infact, many people are doing the impossible to lead a people, even if the people do not want their leadership. A closer look at politics in families, communities, nations and even churches would reveal these trends.

But may I ask? Can the focus of a people be men and the glory of God be the end-goal? Can the focus of a people be men and women of God and the image of Christ be the end-goal? How contradictory would that be?

Is it possible we assume too much of ourselves in that we even consider ourselves leaders because we are sent?! Is a Messenger now a leader to the people he or she is sent to or was he or she sent to do the REAL LEADER’S bidding? A trustee of Kingdom Responsibility?

Can we just execute what we are sent to do an not seek followership of men? Wouldn’t these people file behind us when they see the LORD clearly leading us?

The positions of those who opined that we are merely vessels is accurate and we must remain so. The error in the body of Christ is primarily because we assume too much of ourselves, leading the people because we consider ourselves having attained some degree of expertise in Godly matters, instead of letting God lead His people through us. When we let God lead, we would seek His heart and respond to all matters form there, not from our own view or opinion. This is the TRUE followership of Christ.

We cannot follow people and that is not because they usually or eventually fail (which they do, most often); we should follow Christ because that is our command. Anyone who looks behind him or her and finds the people of God following must know that they follow Christ and he or she is merely in their pathway because they are still following Christ too. When that changes, he or she will no longer find God’s people behind him or her, for they would still be following Christ, whom he or she may no longer following.

We should make Christ the focus, not men, no matter how upright they are at the moment. The idols men serve nowadays are no longer fetish deities, they are men who walk (walked) in light, who now compete with God for His glory.