A Damning Conspiracy

As I drove past a link road to my place of worship yesterday evening, this beautiful sunset (picture above) came into the horizon. It was a very compelling contrast between the bright light of day and the impending darkness. The strength and power of this light was neither changed nor diminished; yet, the impending darkness was growing in stature, gradually covering the light and shielding us from it’s beauty and glory.

The perils of these last days manifest in this manner – darkness is creeping in without funfare . . . though the strength of Lights are not diminishing (it’s not the enemy”s goal anymore), the darkness is increasing in size and capacity, seeking to shield everyone from the light from Lights (this is the new objective of the enemy – to increase the stature and strength of darkness)

There is also another conspiracy! It is a dangerous and demonic one. It is the contradiction of professed love and the entitlement of the people bearing it.

Love should not be resisted,
The breach of privacy and safety cannot be tolerated either.

This is the dilemma of this season, wherein, a defence of sanity and a request for boundaries to be kept are regarded as unfriendliness. What do friendships even mean these days?! Surely, it has taken up another meaning that is not what it was meant to be.

One of our most threatened freedom is now our freedom to choose; it is our inalienable right from God, but highly contested by the best of friends. Therefore,
Choose your God,
Choose your goal,
Choose your gain
Choose your gang,
Choose your game,
Choose your goings,
Choose them all wisely.

Whatever your situation is,