TO TRUTH – Happy Birthday, Pastor Tunde Bakare


“Sir, what are you telling her. . .?”
That was the first statement he ever made to me. I was gisiting with a young lady in front of the Church’s bookshop on Akilo Way, when Pastor Tunde Bakare showed up behind me. He was doing his “management by walking around” as usual. I lost my voice in an instant; he was the last person I would expect to show up on me like that.
“No-o-o-thing Sir,” I replied, suddenly I was stuttering. . .
He smiled, while looking intently at me; then he said: “Make sure you are telling her the truth o . . . ehn ehn.” He walked away. . ..

That was my first encounter with you Sir. Many years later, I would get to know and hear from you, words spoken to me directly. I make bold to say that you STAND OUT Sir.

Your standards are so high, yet you are so gracious;
You are indeed an example of Christ-likeness worthy of emulation.
You stand for righteousness, when it is too expensive and costly to do so;
Your sense of justice warms my heart – you are always on the LORD’s side, no one’s side.

For over 15 years you have pastored me from afar, and God is my witness, I lacked nothing . . .. I travelled to Lagos each Sunday to listen to the continuation of the dealing of the Holy Spirit with me all week; yet you didn’t know me personally. You are the testimony that true fellowship is one that includes the Holy Spirit. You are a true Shepherd!

When the enemy came to sift me, you prayed more than you preached. You prophesied without prejudice and protected our sheep in your care without partiality. You gave me a word from the LORD that became my beacon of hope. I sailed through, came out of what should have drowned me because instead of making me dependent on you, you showed me how to WALK with God.

It is your birthday today Sir. Your days are unquantifiable blessings to so many people, too many you may never meet them all.

I celebrate you Sir and I pray that you will eat the fruit of your labour in Jesus name. Your wife and children will continually bring you joy in Jesus name. In your lifetime and in good health, Nigeria will be saved, changed and great in Jesus name.

Happy Birthday Sir.
Long life and prosperity.