TO RESILIENCE – Happy Birthday Okey Ogunjiofor Sir.


“lt’s working. . . It’s working.”

This is typically how @okeyogunjiofor would respond, almost every time I had the privilege of meeting and sharing fellowship with him.

That statement sounds like a mantra of someone, to whom all things are working as planned, with nothing out of sync; but to @okeyogunjiofor it is a response from what God says about a matter, not what is visible. Faith on another level!

I watched you show examples on all fronts, of what it means to walk with God, accomplishing things of eternal values for the LORD and for His people. Without much encouragement, I saw you persevere, in ridicule and shame from those who should know better, I saw you take it in good stride, converting the pain to gain that would matter in posterity.

Beyond the things you do Sir, it is who you are that shines the brightest. I haven’t seen or met someone more understanding, more forgiving, more generous, thoughtful and gracious as you. The largeness of your heart is a motivation for me to be more than I am now; how you give generously, even when there is no cash involved speaks volumes about the heart God has fashioned in you Sir.

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Before your recent accomplishment came, you have been a place of refuge to many. You are the light for many people to find their path. Revelations that proceed from you are so deep that many people would re-imagine their perception of you when they become manifest; yet you glide through life with such humility that I haven’t seen that much among accomplished people. You are accessible and meek.

I celebrate you today Sir.
Your birthday is my opportunity to tell the world how much they have missed by looking away from you. As your prophecies finds acceptance in all lands, especially in distant lands, may the glory of our God be fully blossomed in and on you Sir as it fills the earth, as the water covers the seas.

From the depth of my hearts,
And with so much love,

I wish you Happy Birthday.

Many happy returns. Amen.