I met with him yesterday in one of the outreach location I was privileged to participate in. He is such a brilliant young man; though he lives in a very challenging physical, emotional and spiritual environment. He carries such light and love of God in his heart like none of these challenges are subsisting. He was dressed well, with such calm and graceful demeanour; even his hair was well groomed for church on Sunday. He is done with secondary school, waiting to start school at the University of Lagos. Indeed, dreams inhabits hearts, not spaces.

Despite these glowing things about Jeremiah, what struck me the most was his response when I had a conversation with him about his name. I asked him if he knew about Jeremiah in Scriptures and he said “Yes, I do!” I continued my conversation with him, wanting to know if he truly understood the peculiarity of Jeremiah’s life and ministry. I realised he did, but he thought Jeremiah suffered so much because he was lacking in requisite attributes of a man that was called of God.

Then, I paused and educated him.  I told him that he actually suffered much because he preached and proclaimed an unwanted message, coming straight from the heart of God. A prosperous people were going to captivity because of idolatry and sins and he had to warn them. Indeed, a minister can be out of favour with people for declaring the counsel of God without fear and favour.

Do you have challenges with delivering on your God-given assignments? Do people accept your message from the LORD with joy and gladness or do they consider it bad new and avoid you completely? Are you sufferings because you have chosen the way of the LORD? Be rest assured that God is with you, He is happy that you have counted the cost of following Him and you are ready and paying it already. He sees you. He will reward and restore you shortly.

If you look in the mirror and you see a compromising fellow, a shadow of what is meant to be, begin afresh with the LORD and you will be restored.

The walk and work with God is not for pleasure-seekers. .  . His table and cup are set for purpose-seekers.

This new week, whatever the situation is,