My Mother


My Mother,
An epitome of grace . . .
My example of faithful and true womanhood,
My voice of counsel, and prophecy.

All of whom your Maker has made of you is irrevocably good, Mum
Nothing in you is lacking in grace.

Today I celebrate you Mama,
Your sacrifice brought out the spoken of God into manifestations,
The world sees them and they marvel at the wonders of the God you serve.
We, your children, are lacking nothing because you paid significantly to make sure all that God provided is possible.
How remarkable is your stature.

For the cares from cradle,
For the tears you hold in public and drop in private,
For the prayers you pray in private and the actions you take in both private and public,
Even in weakness you are never lacking in responsibility and encouragement.

I celebrate you My Mama,
You are a blessings to generations to come.
Now you have come into your joy Mama,
You are to live your remaining days in peace, good health, wealth, and happiness.

Happy Birthday Mum,
Your joy is here!