Imperative Paradigm Shift


Airtel Nigeria is very kind to give night time access to YouTube platform . . . So, I have therefore turned it into my online school time. From documentaries to drama, conversation to comedy; it has become how I update my knowledge of what’s going on in the world.

Sometime last month, using the free data, I was listening to a sermon by one of my favorite preachers – Bishop T.D. Jakes. In this episode, he was talking about “Building for Expansion.” The key message was that we cannot always rely on how we were raised to think in responding to what is happening presently and in our future.

I pondered on these words for a moment and these were my observations, especially as it pertains to the body of Christ – the Church:

1. We have been discipled to embrace more physical increase (in numbers, revenue, and structure) as more with God. In seasons when ‘more’ is ‘less’ with God, and we are unconsciously working against God’s agenda; when God’s agenda requires trimming down, what would be our response? Are we ready to go from ‘Mega’ to small units of better and effective discipleship and development; instead of huge congregations, with social systems and deficient spiritual environment, more or less? Are we TRULY ready for the REAL revival?

2. Also, we may have been discipled to be in-reach or outreach focused, depending on the objectives of each one’s chosen Christian community . . . Are we ready to walk and work with God, for Him to fix us as individuals first, before in-reaching or outreaching? Is our messages at work in us? Are we messengers in the message? Perhaps our witnessing is becoming reduced to people-driven and need-driven events, no longer the testimonies of what God has accomplished in us and how He did it, with repentance, redemption, restoration, and sanctification at the heart of it.

It is time to leave the programming and the engagement overload behind and strive for the growth and development of true relationship with God in the people of God – saints who has been called out of darkness into light.

Perhaps, it’s important to state clearly again that the church is meant to be a company of TRULY SAVED saints, not a collection of people who likes Jesus, but whose lives are not truly redeemed and changed with evident fruits. This means our congratulations may not be large or ‘mega’ as desired, going forward, but our connection to heaven would be seamless.

The appointed time is here,
The restoration has begun;
The guards are changing,
The temple, the worship, and the people are bound to change also.

Let those who have ears hear,
Let those who have eyes see,
Let those who do not have ears or eyes seek the LORD for help,
Indeed, nothing is as it was anymore.

Peace to the righteous.