A Letter to Young People: YOUR GIFTS


At dawn, you are bright and beautiful;
So, as the dew falls on your bright green new leaves, I write you you.
You indeed have a gift and it is a rare one:
You are strong and free!

Nothing is impossible with you because you easily believe;
The power of your visions is limitless,
Yet, you would need more than strength to succeed . . .

Spirit, soul and body, you are capable of magnificent things,
The power of your imagination is your best asset, for now and the days to come;
Yet, you would need more than freedom to win . . .

What will you do with your strength and freedom?
For it shall soon fade away like the morning mist . . .
What discipline would make of these gifts, their powers in themselves would not;
The details of your walk will significantly impact the dunamis (power) and delivery in your ways and works,

How well are you living today?
What will you do with all that you have been given?
How well will you carry forward the beauty you have been given?
When no one is watching, who are you?
Will you be faithful to make a full proof of your calling?
This is the bain of it all.

In the meantime, meditate on these things. . .
I shall come back to you with more,
Since you will need me to take them bit by bit . . .