2022 – A Year of Manifestations

Indeed 2021 is a year of REVELATIONS! So much are in the lights at the moment. Infact, too much for comfort.

Still, it is pertinent to define what value is to be distlilled from these revelations.
Are they making you wiser or more wiley?
Are you better or bitter by them?
Is there a difference that is evident in you as a result of them?
Have you seen a clearer revelation of yourself as well?

This new year, 2022, is a year of MANIFESTATIONS.
That which was revealed in the other year would be manifested in this one.
Are you ready for the manifestation that is coming?
This manifestation is like the two edges of a sword, it will cut both ways.

May the peace of God rule and reign in your heart, mind, and body in Jesus name. Amen.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. A happy new year ahead in Jesus name. Amen.