2022 – The Manifestation of Glory Begins


Yesterday, like most of the latter days of 2021, I picked in my spirit, by the help of the Holy Spirit, that the enemy – Satan – was on rampage to bring many lives to expiry.

1. Physically, many people became unexplainably unreasonable in their life choices; it seems too many people lost their minds when interacting with others, out in the streets. Violence and danger became more common, just as all kinds of accident are on the increase. Infact, a driver was so absent-minded that he broke my vehicle’s side mirror too. Needless fights were breaking everywhere you look; it just does not seem like people can easily reason with each other anymore.

2. Spiritually, there is a dangerous trend of people serving a God they do not know . . . while doing so, they are signing up to terminal spiritual journeys, most of which are very complicated to gain freedom from.

This is particularly dangerous because many people don’t really want the true God; they prefer the version of Him they have framed for themselves. This version of God allows glorying in sinfulness and inadequacies that comes with it . . . Instead of repenting from their old ways and panting after God’s righteousness, they maintain old lifestyle with the supposed new one in Christ by extolling God’s mercies. It seems humans have found themselves a lethal balance of religiousity and ruthless unrighteousness

Somehow, the relationship with God has now become very complicated and too many people are crossing to eternity from here without a proper standing with God. ‘Trees’ are labelled good, but the ‘fruits’ say otherwise. When fruits speak loudly, it seems convenient to simply redefine what ‘good’ means, especially in contemporary settings. But, isn’t Christ the same yesterday, today and forever?

3. In the midst of this quagmire, the glory of God is manifesting. Though despondency is on the increase, the eyes of people are becoming opened to truth that was once rejected and relegated. It has become clearer that we are far from God, though we have His name all over our lips, and we desperately need Him NOW.

4. Hear me, everyone who cares to pay attention, this year 2022, the LORD will bring His intent and glory that had been revealed and spoken in hushed and loud voices to manifestation. So many people will search frantically for God’s counsel, which they once despised; they would realize how far from the Way of Truth to Life they are. No one would need long appeals to return to God, for the hearts of people will fail them when God’s just judgements begin to manifest.

5. This is the year that most of what God has been saying and doing in obscurity will manifest openly. Private rebuke will turn to public shame if not heeded, just as private appraisal will become public approval or apprehension without any push. God is set to visit the hearts of men and women, boys and girls afresh; prepare yours to meet with Him.

6. Your joy is manifesting;
Your blessings are manifesting;
Your victory is manifesting;
Your evident progress and promotion is manifesting too . . .
Be careful to pull down whatever is undesirable in and around you this year . . . much would become evident for all to see.

Happy New Year, Happy New You.