My Gratitude


It is a new year and I am so proud of how God has been fathering me. I have seen the mercies of God; He has been so gracious to me.

This is not a cliche, it is the reality I live in. The parable of the one who is more grateful and thankful applies to me; Indeed, I have been forgiven much, so my joy and gratitude is much more.

It is very easy to get familiar with everyday blessings from God and not be REALLY grateful. For me, the case is that I am actually non-existent without God; so, I know the value of the life God has granted me. For this, I am grateful.

Again, here is my Thanksgiving to God for many people, places and prosperity:

I thank God for YOU, Yes you! You are still reading these words I write, and I am not in sorrow because of you.
I thank God for YOUTHFULNESS. Oh how He renews my youth; most people guess my age wrongly.
I thank God for YEARS. Each one of them are testimonies to the faithfulness of God to me.
I thank God for YIELDEDNESS. He had given me the fellowship and favour of yielded men and women, boys and girls, who rise to help me do His bidding each day.
I thank God for YESTERDAY. It is gone. Lessons are learnt and I am better for it. The rebuke and restoration, as well as the returning and the rest I received worked for my good. In quietness, my confidence abound.

What shall I render to the One who owns me? He owns all that I am . . .

Olorun to l’agbara o,
Osuba yin ma re o e. . . e e e o,
Osuba yin ma re o e

Eyin lo l’emi mi o,
Osuba yin ma re o e. . . e e e o,
Osuba yin ma re o e

From my heart and household, I bring thanksgiving for the gift of a new year, a new page, a new day, and a new walk.

Mo dupe dupe.