In Search of Value


The best way to discover anyone or anything is to experience them.
No one and nothing is truly explored from without . . .
But the main trouble begins with starting and building relationships that would facilitate such interaction;
Surely, prejudices, stereotypes and past experiences are likely to skew how we set off with people and other entities, so much that true exploration becomes a hard proposition.

Another angle to this is the preference for exploitation instead of exploration;
It generally seems smarter and sensible to exploit values that are discovered for personal gain, whatever the expense may be, rather than to explore it for timeless values it may possess.
The trouble with this is that it erodes the possibility of experiencing the people, who are vehicles for the discovered value; they are exploited, not explored.

There is really nothing wrong with exploring to discover value, but when the question of what to do with the said value comes to the fore, and SELF is at the forefront, exploitation is on course already.

What are you doing with the life God gave you?
How are you interacting with all that God has created and put around you?
With which eye and lens are you seeing the world you have found yourself in?
How do you hear what you hear, especially in these challenging times?
How is your heart processing the details of your reality?

Nothing significant begins without a degree of discomfort . . . ponder on this.
Therefore, the summary of a matter is not the sum of the challenges it brings;
Certainly, there is an end to all matter, good or bad,
Whatever is required for life is never kept of the surface, one would have to dig for it.

My latest discovery is this:
Until I am willing to give all, even enter into debt (financial and otherwise), if need be, for the heartbeats of God in my care, I may never burst into the realm of supernatural manifestation of given promises.
Indeed, promises are fulfilled  by applying oneself to the substance of it,
In every way, no one is capable of manifesting without adding his or her own quota to the tokens of God’s command.

So, friends,
Build true relationships.
Do not exploit people, explore them.
Before you seek gain, take away pains,
Soon, heaven will be your daily experience.