Who is Teaching Us?


I came across this post, in the picture above, on someone’s status – a distinguished teacher and practitioner in the field of medicine.

My first thought was “Why wouldn’t anyone want to be like the man on whose status I found this message?” But then I realised the best of us truly don’t want to be a teacher. Some even says teachers’ reward is in heaven.

This statement is so true! You will agree with me that after secondary school, those who did not pass their subjects well enough are the ones who end up in Teacher’s Training College; those who did, went on to study something ‘more befitting’ in universities, home and abroad. Even after university education, those who could not get a good job amongst us are those who returned to school to read more and eventually became teachers in polytechnics and other technical schools. Those who made it to Ph.D eventually became lecturers, and  reluctantly so.

Perhaps, we may need to begin our review from how we arrive at the value proposition for education. . . It seems teaching is not an attractive proposition for the brightest because its promoted value is just the NAME, like it was in the olden days, without the ‘GAME’ that is desirable to most people.

Surely, we can make teaching more attractive to the best of us by increasing the benefits they get for dedicating their lives to teaching; otherwise, conveying knowledge to the next generation would have to be left to the least of us . . . the fruit of that can only be left to imagination.

We can do better.
We should do better.
We must do better.

I am a teacher, born and raised by teachers, and I am so happy and fulfilled as one.

What do you think of your teachers and teaching?


  1. Mireya says:

    Where do I begin. The best teachers know that they are simply the facilitator. To teach is to be. We have no friends or enemies only teachers. A true teacher will guide the students to discuss and learn. Tre learning happens with words, examples, ideas that speak to curiosity.

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  2. AWED says:

    I totally agree with you. Thank you for weighing on this. There is indeed no friend or enemy, only teachers. BEING what is taught is the most valid way to teach.

    For me, it remains the height of accomplishment to become something good and great enough for other to be taught by it.

    This goes to say that anyone who has not become something of significant value has no business teaching.

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