The Danger with Luxury


What I am about to share with you will unsettle you a bit . . . but be patient with me, it is going to save you future pain and bring you much gain.

Let’s begin with this? After suffering so much to make a good living out of meagre resources available to you, in your time, how do you respond to request from your children for all of their needs? Now, you have all they could ever need; you have labored so hard for them not to suffer; so, nothing is stopping you from giving them all they could ever need. Would you?

A professor once told me: “It is in learning how to manage success and motivate people that more can still be done. Even Dangote still dey hussle ”

Well, the challenge is, motivation after success shares a thin-line boundary with becoming materialistic/worldly in Scriptural terms. It is almost impossible not to become materialistic when one has more than enough and one needs more reasons to get up from bed in the morning.

Somehow, the continuos scaling of vision, not ambition, in the light of newer challenges and possibilities, is where one could achieve this delicate balance that success requires. Still, one would have to withhold some privileges from one’s children to grow their inner capacity to create too; afterall, creativity is nurtured in chaos, not comfort.

The part of our lives that we do not like to re-live remains a significant part of the successful persons that we are now, to change that, by providing all for the next generation, will raise them into weaklings.

Jesus, though He is the Son of God, learned obedience by the things He suffered, and was perfected by it; in the same way, we must raise our children by allowing them to experience life in all its facets, good and not-so-good alike. In abundance, we must learn to restrain and say NO sometimes.