Success and Seasons


Why do we feel the need to be successful? Successful at what exactly?

What is the definition of success? When is ‘success’ a success?

Are we sure it is not “an example we want to follow, whose opposite is a mistake to avoid?” Who defined the terms and the references?

I have found out that most things that are regarded as success are merely a “rave of the moment;” another season comes and it is a terrible thing to contemplate. Even in ancient Egypt, a king arose and did not know Joseph! Ha! Joseph o! Egypt would be no more without strategic inputs from Joseph . . . but even his accomplishments were forgotten. What was not forgotten was the posterity that God sent him to Egypt to preserve – ISRAEL

Friends, success is for you, it ends with you. Even Scriptures reiterates that the responsibility for having a good one is yours, not God’s. What is more important are things of eternal value.

This is where the challenge is; what is of eternal value to one is not same with another; yet, eternal value is not contextual, conditional or situational.

I have found mine in restored communion with God and His kingdom; each one may have to discover or realize what is of eternal value to them.

So, what does success mean to you?
What is of eternal value to you?