YAHOO-YAHOO is a Nigerian slang for internet fraudsters; YAHOOPLUS are those who add spiritual influence to fraud

Few minutes ago, a lady called me from Adron Homes, a real estate firm in Nigeria, trying follow-up on a marketing lead they had from a meeting I had with one of their agents few months back.

I respectfully told her I am not her client; I am a trained architect, I would rather buy my own freehold land and build my own home. She had nothing else to say. She dropped the call. Few minutes later, she called back, reintroduced herself and started her rehearsed lines all over again. I suppose she didn’t have enough presence of mind to know that she just called me a few minutes ago. It was a task she had to do to get what she wants, it is likely that her heart was not really in the work.

We have a generation that is unwilling to do what is necessary to earn honorably from work. When they work, it is because they have needs to be met and they are yet to find easier ways to meet them. So, when promoter of get-rich-quick projects get wind under their sail, with some wins, whose results they can brandish, this upcoming generation would latch on to it without reservation and explore it to the fullest. They want and need a faster way to financial freedom.

It is a no-brainer, seeing them tirelessly exploring what they enjoy doing the most – PLAY – to earn big. So, entertainment, sports and creative expressions have become their chosen nests, not their bests though. Yet, so much value is hidden in other areas of human endeavour, waiting to be explored for good. Unfortunately, the commitment and discipline of this coming generation is below the mark for what is to be.

For those in Africa and other developing parts of the world, where deficiency in infrastructure and capacities plaque the upcoming generations, they are tirelessly exploring the spiritual (clean and unclean) to bridge their gaps. Though opportunities abound due to the abundance of problems that need solutions; still, they are unable to exercise themselves in value-creation as the only valid and valuable way to gain financial freedom. Evidently, getting spiritual edit to people, places and things have become more promising than good education as empowerment for purposeful and productive living.

No explanation is more adequate for the cultural ills in all human societies than that each demographics of people is seeking easier and faster ways to get to their goals, but are generally unwilling to commit to the hard work that is required. It seems hard work is dying a natural death with present generation of elders. Smart work, on the other hand, occasioned by the possibilities brought about by technology, is replacing virtues with vices. This gap is widening; not even our public outcry is deterring the coming generation.

The honest truth we haven’t all agreed to face is that this Global failure is from our homes. Locally, we have failed to be raise a better generation; instead, we raised a faster generation. We may have to return to our homes to fix this disease of declining values; we would have to do better at parenting by becoming better persons ourselves. No politician can change these narratives, only parents can! Although, it will take some time, like the decline took it’s time, but we can choose to give it all our best.

What generational differences can you see in your unique cultural context?
How do you think we can reverse the decline in values in a sustainable way? Please share with me and other readers.

Enjoy God’s peace, even in the middle of all these global and local challenges.