Why Saints Pray


I am going to be using the analogy of computer systems to explain what we must pray as believer, else, nothing much would happen for the kingdom of God on the earth.

Imagine a computer with different ports. When someone comes to it with a flash drive or external drive, it it plugged in and connected to the computer, powered from the computer board but no interaction takes place between the two unless one is initiated.

It is connected to the computer; in fact it is has the capacity to receive as much as it can from the computer, but all is dependent on what kind of interaction has been initiated to take place between the two.

That interaction is:
1. happening through a dialogue box,
2. seen on the screen of the computer,
3. facilitated by an input devices, connected to the computer (keyboard),
4. directed by the pointing device (mouse/stylus) is what a prayer exercise represent.

In this illustration,
1. COMPUTER SYSTEM is God, the Source to all;
2. OPERATING SYSTEM is Christ, the Ecosystem for all;
3. KEYBOARD is the Holy Spirit, writing and defining the details of all;
4. FLASH DRIVE is You and I, as carriers of His kingdom purposes.
5. MOUSE are Ministers, facilitating the activation of these protocols and interactions with the Holy Spirit;
6. DIALOGUE BOXES are the prayer meetings…

Without this protocols in motion, though connected to God, nothing would be downloaded from heaven.

When we are ready to take ‘Heaven’ to the territories we have been given by God, on earth, we must pray!

There’s no way around this, it’s the only way to get resources from heaven.

So, if you have not been motivated to pray before, it’s time to be.

Remember, true and genuine prayers originate from the heart of the Father. The source is GOD.

‘Flash drives’ don’t generated ‘dialogue boxes,’ only the Computer (our Father) does. So, seek His heart concerning all matters and pray it to Him till you have Peace

May God grant you an answer of peace. Amen.