Exchange for Aspirations

If you were asked to come for a bouquet of goodies with no strings attached, would you not be suspicious? Why then do we expect people to accept the sacrifices of Christ without any string attached? It is not in the nature of man to give without expectation as nothing is considered free, even in Freetown.

Therefore, when religion is presented as the string that is attached to salvation and the kingdom, some sort of servitude in exchange for the blessings enjoyed from God, it makes sense to an average person. Unfortunately, this kind of servitude in religion is not what the LORD had in mind when salvation and attendant blessings was paid for at Calvary. God’s ultimate objective is to restore making to Himself.

Clearly, miracles, signs, and wonders do not restore people to God; instead it only affirms what they already know about God. As a matter of truth, they only facilitate allegiance to God and His things, not a relationship of value with Him . . . such people are camped around God, not in Him

Without doubt, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon a people is what changes their identity to God’s. It is what we should desire more.
Isaiah 44:1-5

Therefore, outreaches and ministries that are not commanded by God, that does not involve the Holy Spirit, will draw men to excellence, riches, glamour, and glories . . . not to God.

Nothing is more wasteful than the work of ministry that God is not involved in.

MEET with God, before you desire to WALK with God; you should not be serving an unknown God.
WALK with God before you covet WORKing with God; you should not be serving God in vain.