Five Things That Can Hinder a Genuine Plea for Help


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A person with a genuine need but with a sense of overbloated  self-importance, who finds it too difficult to be corrected or advised, who is too big to ASK for help will not get help, no matter how obvious the need is.

Review your stance, delete the ego, help is near.


If you’re considered to be successful and lacking in nothing by people in general, you may lack help when you truly need one. Almost no one would believe you truly need help.

It is wiser to be down-to-earth; be vulnerable sometimes. Learn to trust others too.


If you are full of offence, you are not likely to be open to help when it comes form someone with whom you have kept a grudge.

It is peaceful to let people be sometimes. You don’t have to be right all the time. Resist the urge to prove a point to people. Be you!


If you have too many people around you, crowded by those who don’t really add much value to you or what you do, those, whose help you really need may not be able to reach you.

Cut ties with sycophants so that REAL people can reach you. Surround yourself with truth.


There is a way experiences can limit your capacity to engage your world for the help you need. You can be isolated in life because of how you are programmed . . . bound by knowledge.

Review your program, weed out false ideals and replace them with sound principles.

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