Intimacy with God

Service in church today was loaded. The message as preached by Pastor Damilola Mark emphasised this heartbeat of God for ages.

We must begin to culture an unquenchable thirst for the presence of God. God, by His Spirit, desires a deeper relationship with His people, not just a servant-Master dynamics.

Religion merely covers our sin, it does not take it away. God favours relationship over religion.

Duty works with title, love works with the mantle. God prefers love over duty . . .

There is no favourite in God, He only has intimate people. God wants intimacy, not optimacy.

God is looking for people to live in and live with, not those who comes by invitation.

God is giving grace above the law. Grace reveals the love of God.

The more of God you have, the more of Him you become. It takes intimacy to know God more.

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