WINNING WORK – Winning the battles in what you do as work.


Work is whatsoever is done to bring certain defined value to people. It is not what is done to get paid. It requires more than providing agreed deliverables to get work done. Your very essence is involved. It is the exercise of you to deliver value to other people

The challenge with this is that sometimes, if you are doing your own work [not someone else’s], money is not enough as reward for it. There is a sense of meaning that is attached to such work that makes you persist at it, even if the going is rough . . .

This is the kind of work that I am focusing on today. I humbly submit that having something to do [a job] is not equal to this kind of work. It does not matter how much it pays.

This kind of work draws from your very essence, it is WHO you really are.

Now, to prevail and eventually succeed at this kind of work is WAR. Believe me, it is war in every sense of it.

You have friends (allies) and enemies, as well as patriots and traitors.

You will need ammunitions, strategies, systems, etc. to win.

If you don’t have them, you already failed before you set off; you would become prey to predators, spoils to savages, and a reproach to reason.

If you do not have these elements in place, hold on with your lifework. You should job instead until you have them.

Your creations would be stolen without restraint,
Your commitment would be despised because of terrible results,
Your creativity would be joke,
Your career would be a mistake.

Again you must see your work as a WAR.

But, why should something noble and good become an affront to anyone? Why should value proposition be considered an act of war and it’s delivery the firing of the first shot?

Well, the status quo benefits some people, disrupting it is an act of war.

Therefore, you must understand how to defend yourself and be equipped to do so before you make declarations in your commercial advertisements.

You don’t mean any harm, but you must be ready to respond to calculated assaults before you begin your demonstrations.

If your adversaries let you be, it is because they lack what they need to take you down.

The following are things you should pay attention to in your defense:

1. Don’t underestimate your opposition.

They have been out there before you.
They have the people and they understand them well
They often have more arsenals than you do, experience is their advantage.

You are just starting. You are wiser learning from them.

2. More resources don’t mean more results.

You can throw out all the funds you have capacity to muster, it may fail to sustainably deliver on your dreams. A better understanding of your client and customer would set you apart and make you spend more strategically

3. Simplify strategies and processes until even the most unintelligent person knows who to be and what to do.

If you think so deeply about things and your staff thinks too deeply about them too, your customers would find your too offerings complicated.


4. Remember to keep levels of information confidentiality;

Not all those working with and for you should know all things pertaining to your work. Gun loaders should know how gun-loading adds to the mission; food-serving guys too.

Holiest, Inner Court, Outer Court

5. Prevent Mutiny/Betrayals with legality.

Your best staff would leave someday, with all of your best-kept secrets. You may have to contend for your best customers with an old pal, now on the other side.

Let all papers be right; be ready ahead of disengagements

6. Remain unpredictable in matters of creativity and innovation.

If your opposing sides can predict your next move, the battle is lost before it ever starts. Keep you moves quiet and quick.

Do not linger too long on great ideas. Execute fast!

7. Don’t gloat in victory. Increase pressure when other are celebrating little wins. Rejoicing too quick can cost you everything.

In victory, know that not all in your camp is there for you. Some joined to take on a common enemy, you may be their next enemy.

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