Your Innermost Place


The heart is a very delicate place. It is capable of many contradictions. It is able to love and hate at the same time. Unlike the soul, it is non-discriminatory or capable of choosing, whatever is allowed in it takes a space in there.

“Guard your heart diligently, for out of it proceeds issue of life,” says the word of God, your best care for your heart is to provide security for it.

But why? The heart is the innermost part of anyone, why is is so endangered? It really does not matter the scale of the visible and known, when it stinks or dies from the core, the shell would eventually follow suit. Your heart is you, it is very delicate. Protect it with all you have.

Protect it from friends and enemies
Protect it from family and strangers
Protect it from teachers and tyranny,
Protect it from people and prejudices.
Protect if from ideologies and idiots
Protect it from others,
Protect it from yourself.

Yes! You can damage your own heart by the things your soul is desiring.
If you will not carefully edit the things, ideas, and persons you engage your intellect, emotions, will, imagination and memory with, you can irreparably damage your heart.

May your heart remain pure and ready for the LORD at His coming, whether by rapture or death. Amen.