Of Creation and Sharing

We all love to share,
The dogma encourages everyone to share;
Share, we must,
If we really have something to share.

If no thing is created, what is there to share?
If no one loves the dust and dirt, who will stand on the shining podium?
If economics is all there is to well being, would anyone be fascinated by work?
We all want to share, a negligible few dares to create.

Yes! It’s a hard climate,
Yes! It’s not easily sustainable.
Yes! It may yield less for more work,
But, there would be nothing to share if nothing is created.

If we leave creation to other nations because their clime is what they made it,
And we merely trade their value because we still cannot do without them,
Then currency troubles we must enjoy while it’s pain lasts..
Because we refused to order our chaos by creation.

Create, Create and Create,
That’s all there is to our rhetorics,
We actually start creating when it becomes a common resolve;
One we are not forced into because a leader established restraints to our unbridled appetite.

It seems unrealistic to counsel anyone to create in this season,
But our survival, as a people, depends on it.
We would have to truly change to make things change.
A Change that is not arranged.

Create something ‘buyable’ with your skill…
Professional services are fast loosing their relevance,
Associations and professional bodies cannot hold genuine need from being met for long,
These days, mediocre services are thriving because excellent ones are too expensive.

It’s time!
It time to convert your excellent services to usable everyday products.
It’s how wealth and value is built,
Afterall, very few people pay for what they cannot see

AWED | March 21, 2016