The Coming Exodus


I have been announcing to those who cared to listen since 2014/15 that a major EXODUS is coming. Even I did not know what it’s ramifications would be.

I have come to announce again that it is HERE already!

So much is about to take a new turn, especially in the body of Christ.

Hear me! So much is changing . . . People would realize nothing they have built is standing.

We are about to see Davids with slings and smooth stones do what skilled and accomplished ‘men of war’ could not because THE LORD IS WITH HIM.

The names you and I would be hearing shortly are not known names; they are consecrated men and women, boys and girls in dry places at the moment.

They would seek no glory, gratuity, or gratification. They are seeking GOD.

It is time for a reset. #ItIsDay