Nowadays, the Church is a gathering of people with same focus and goals. Whatever that goal is, it’s what they are all gathered to be and to do.

It can be celebrations, resource/economic development, success, prosperity, etc. and it can be the heart of the Father.

That goal will determine the kind of worship that goes on in there.

Do not be alarmed by the abuse of God’s house. Whatever their reason for coming together would be what they are using the name of Jesus, the blood, the anointing, prayers, praise, preaching, party, etc.

Unless the heart of the Father is our goal, our worship is far from acceptable to God.

The LORD desires true worshippers, who would worship Him in Spirit and in Trurh.

This is the restoration that the Church of Christ would see in the days to come. All is returning to the LORD; not just to His HAND, but to His HEART. Amen.


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