OFFERINGS (Part 1) : Sacrificial Giving


What is given to God has many dimensions. It is foolish to think that service to God cannot be requested of you as a sacrificial offering.

Can God ask you to walk away from a church you pioneered and founded, so that it can grow and bless all the earth, not just your sphere?

Can God ask you to walk away from business you labored so hard to  build? Will it make sense to do so, especially when you have no other option for sustenance?

Will it not be regarded as foolishness to obey God that way? Won’t that voice be labelled a deceptive spirit?

Can God ask you for YOU, when YOU are more valuable to the world in exalted places than in the tiny little corner of the world where it pleases Him to locate you?

Can the blessings of God reduce you instead of increasing you? Can the glory of God be coded in your downsizing?

If it pleases God to present you to the world in a Manger and remove you from the world through the Cross and clouds, will you readily sign up?

If your sufferings has a purpose in God, will it be worth celebrating, while it is ongoing, or are we to do so only in retrospect?

The ways of God are past finding.
What He is doing in us all is beyond us, as individuals and corporately.

Let nothing be an IDOL, not even your service to God. Your best offering is ALL OF YOU, given willingly.


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