OFFERINGS (Part 2) – The Substance and the Intent


For a while now, I have been privileged to observe a fellow, who attends the same local church assembly that I attend. Actually, I took notice of him because he could not be missed; he would come out to give his tithe every Sunday (tithe payers usually come forward with their tithes and they are prayed for). He saunters forward with a swag each Sunday, I am sure no one in my local assembly would miss him.

So, I decided to pay more attention to him from afar, to see how he became that dedicated to consistently bringing God offerings like this. He must truly be very acquainted with God. A deeper look at him and all that goes on around him, I was shocked to discover things were not exactly as I expected them to be. Well, my expectations don’t really matter, as long as this person is in a good relationship with God.

Then, one day, I had the privilege of listening to him up close . . . I gained understanding. He is a committed fellow, not exactly a faithful one. It broke my heart.

If you are familiar with Nigerian streets, certain unconstituted authorities (Area Boys) would daily levy bus drivers, keke (tricycle) operators, okada (motorcycle) riders, market women, petty traders, etc. A failure to pay them could bring violence or worse to the defaulters. So, most operators in that sphere have learnt to just pay them whatever they ask for and go about their business without trouble.

Unfortunately, this is the posture of many people who bring offerings to God. Somehow, they are scared of the consequences that are often emphasized by preachers for defaulters in tithes and offerings. Having looked at it thoroughly and probably experienced such consequences when they don’t have offerings, they have concluded that it is a necessary ‘levy’ they must pay to secure their freedom to operate prosperously and freely in life, financial and otherwise.

Sadly so, the church seems to just collect without checking the giver’s intent and source, as givers kept bringing them as a security against a list of undesirable outcomes, without knowing the God they offer them to or worshipping Him in spirit and in truth.

Indeed, an offering of a sinner (the person who lives below the mark/standard of God) is an abomination to God. I fear that the results most people get from this kind of offerings may not be orchestrated from heaven . . . it is likely the enemy deceives their heart, with results, from seeing that what truly matters most, which is deep and cordial relationship with God, is not present. Hmnnn . . . May your offerings not be an abomination to God.

So, how do you give to God? Why do you do so? Are you compelled to do so, directly or indirectly, or are you excited about giving to GOD who owns all already? A man of God once preached that offerings is how we insert ourselves into spiritual warfare, because they provoke something significant, you and I should not be joining any warfare ignorantly and without understanding.

Let your reason for giving to God be that He may be honored in you. Give cheerfully after you have given yourself first to the LORD.

Peace to you!

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