OFFERINGS (Part 3) – The Source and Sacredness


All through Scriptures, offerings have been regarded as a valuable and significant practice to provoke the intervention of God; indeed, worship is not complete without it.

Everyone, young and old, male and female, give offerings and God accepts and refuses (rejects) offerings. Therefore, it is vital to note that not all offerings are accepted by the LORD. It may seem like it doesn’t matter who and where it comes from and how it is given, the truth remains that nothing matters more in worship to God as these.

The source of what is brought to God is important, God will not take what is not truly yours as an offering. The very first offering came from proceeds of their works, nothing has changed in that regard. It has to be from your work and what you truly own, period!

1. An offering can actually start a war. Cain and Abel is an example of this.
2. An offering can provoke a destruction. Those fellow who lit a strange fire before  the LORD and perished for it confirms that.
3. An offering can be an abomination. The LORD said the sacrifice of a sinner can be something disgusting to Him; as a matter of fact, it can provoke a curse.
4. An offering can corrupt a minister of God; the doings of the son’s of Eli speaks to this one, even Balaam the great prophet was corrupted by it.

Therefore, it is pertinent to know that when an offering is willingly given to the LORD, it provokes a BLESSING; but when an offering is requested by the LORD, what is coming after it is a COVENANT. Know the difference.

It is not the weight (or size) of what is given to the LORD that matters, it is the context within which it was given to Him. When what is left after the offering is nothing significant to what was given, then it the greatest as Jesus explained in Scriptures. When all is given, with none left, especially when it is desperately needed, it is a sacrificial offering. The context determines it’s value before God. So, it is good to give out of abundance to God; it is much better to give what will costs you something.

Also, no one should toy with God’s offering. Both the Giver and the Receiver (on behalf of God) are carefully examined by God when an offering is given and received. It is wise to prepare what you give to God carefully and not make it just a tradition. I believe it is not something we “put hands into our pocket” to give; it is something we should prayerfully prepare from home and present to God with uttermost honor and respect.

May your offerings and mine be acceptable. May they bring victory our way and bring God into our sphere for signs and wonders. Amen.


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