Boundaries of Dreams


No one is without a dream.

Although some people’s dreams are nightmares, some are paradise-in-play, and others are a muddled mix of many meaningless frames, . . . still, dreams are snapshots from the future.

There are dreams people have while sleeping; there are those people have while awake. Either way, no dream comes to reality until an action is taken for or against it.

So, what do you dream? What are you doing about it?

Hold that thought for a moment . . .

Evidently from Scriptures, dreams have three sources; imaginations takes its force from these three sources: GOD, Satan, and You (your engagement of your environment through your soul – your intellect, emotions, will, memory and imaginations). Still, how these become the driving force for life is a combination of many multi-dimensional factors, chief of which is the state of your heart. It is the pallet for all else.

So, how is your heart today?

Is it wholesome?
Is it well or ailing?
Is it pure or corrupted?
Is it troubled by situations or trained by seasons?
Is it challenged by offences or chaperoned by the Spirit?
Is it deceived or defended by you?
Is it reliable or randy . . . to you and to others?

The list is endless. The state of your heart would determine the content and the context of your dreams. You can dream great things, but they will not become a reality if your hearts is damaged or deceived. Unfortunately, damage and deception of hearts is a common fever to most people, even holy people are constantly in the danger of it.

It is possible to dream great things, even for the LORD, and to pursue lofty dreams of abominations to God. Indeed, dreams must have boundaries, set by the laws of  God, engraved in hearts of flesh.

No degree of radiance and glory will authenticate a misplaced dream, even for the kingdom of God. If the LORD did not order it, it will not have eternal value. Be careful of a deceived heart, which tells itself that an error is a learning process . . . Lessons in righteousness are exclusive of errors; no mixture is pleasant to God, no matter how rational it may seem.

Dream. By all means, dream big!
Dream righteously and be directed by God.
All things are already yours, and you are Christ’s and Christ is GOD’s;
Do not be enslaved under the powers of any because not all things are expedient (helpful) to you.


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