Value of Work


“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates

The world is full of opinions and convictions. You will realize that responding to all views would leave you a broken fellow.

By responding, I mean measuring yourself by them, validating your journey by them, explaining your situation by them, and making inferences and conclusions from them. It is a dangerous thing to do.

Engaging with people, you may find those whose new accomplishment is a very old one for you; the things they seek were already your victory, many years back and now you stride into greater stature in life. Sometimes, what others are reaching for has not even crossed your mind at all; perhaps, for you, major challenges are still matters of survival. With this, you will find some people’s lifestyle very irritable to you because of where you are at the moment. Lastly, in this same space, you will find some, who are completely lost! For them, they cannot find a way out of their dungeon of life except someone reaches out to help them.

In the end, life is not measure by multitude of possessions and victories. It is measured by WHO YOU BECOME; not even what you become.

Before you debate that, ponder on that last paragraph again. WHO you are is the quality of person you become, whose legacies cannot be erased, especially because they are engraved on hearts, while WHAT you become are like garments work over who you are. Like all garments, it will eventually wear out and fade away; at best, it will become someone’s else’s covering in it’s latter days. WHO YOU ARE IS ETERNAL, GOOD OR BAD.

This is where the matter with work shines brightly. It is how value is added to WHO you are. Unfortunately, work for most people is a means to an end, which can be reduced to just survival and/or sustenance. It is the opportunity to interact, cooperate, collaborate, contribute, co-educate, care, etc. It is the perfect platform for building who we are. 

For a child, being at school is the work; it fulfills all these requirements.
For adults, enterprise and career engagement is the work. It serves also.
For older adults, retirement and mentoring is work; it is their only chance to keep adding more value to themselves till their passing.

This is why whoever would not work, should not eat . . . the Bible says. What is done as work is each one’s contribution to life and living, as well as their only chance at making their journey to earth a fruitful one.

The work itself is not the accomplishment; the value added to your spirit and soul is the real deal. Are you working or just busy? If you are, are you working hard or smart? If not, what is stealing away your life time?

For me, work is for bringing people to where God intended them to be in life; showing the pathway to them, from wherever they are. I have had to give up personal glories for that; it’s my chance at increasing the value of my spirit and soul.

What do you do as work? Share with me.

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